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Being self-employed can be a lonely old ride, and even more so when you’re a parent. We’ve all been there — you know, frantically trying to explain what we do to a bemused uncle Tony while our kids claw at our ankles demanding snacks.

Connecting with other freelancers across the globe is, without a doubt, what keeps many of us self-employed folk going. And thanks to the internet, these days there are lots of brilliant communities out there designed to bring freelancers who happen to be parents together.

If you’re looking to find a community to cheer you on and who totally get the juggle, then get yourself over to one of these communities ASAP.

Freelance Mum

Freelance Mum

Primarily running in the southwest of England — but with plans to expand further afield! — Faye Dicker brings you Freelance Mum, the ‘mother of all networking’ groups for mums in business.

Take part in weekly zoom coffee mornings or try one of the famous ‘netwalks’ which run in Bristol, Somerset, Southampton, South Devon and Winchester. Find solidarity, fresh air, friendship and space to chat all things freelancing. And the cherry on the top? Babies and pre-schoolers are very much welcome!

The Freelance Mum Podcast is also a must-listen for parents in business.

Parents in Biz

Parents in Biz was started by business owner, mother of 5 and start-up enthusiast Bridget Daley and has a multitude of ways it supports (you guessed it) parents in business.

Resources include a magazine, directory, podcast, workshops and community hub. Working between the school run, brainstorming during night feeds, trying to find some calm in the chaos of parenthood — Parents in Biz totally gets it and aims to provide you with the tools to grow your biz while keeping a sense of harmony at home. Well, as harmonious as a home with young kids can be…


The Freelance Parent

The Freelance Parent

For community support brought direct to your inbox, Cat Hufton’s The Freelance Parent is where it’s at.

Delivered in a newsletter format, Cat brings together those who *know* the freelance-family rollercoaster. Each edition contains ‘advice, anecdotes, and support to help you thrive professionally and personally after procreating’.

Since launching in June 2020, Cat has interviewed a range of fantastic self-employed parents who candidly share their experience of juggling work and kids.

The New Fatherhood

The New Fatherhood

Started by Kevin Maguire, The New Fatherhood is the place to be for fathers craving connection.

With a thriving community built around Kevin’s utterly brilliant newsletter, The New Fatherhood is a place to be honest and share experiences as you fumble your way through fatherhood. Whether you’re in business or not, it’s definitely one for dads to have on their radar.

Topics they’ve explored include paternal postnatal depression, screen time and thoughts on careers alongside fatherhood.

Parents of Small Biz

Parents of Small Biz was started by freelance illustrator and mum Joanne Michael and is based in Leeds.

This fab organisation is a not-for-profit group that connects parents who work in unconventional situations and helps them improve their mental health and well-being.

Parents of Small Biz run real life, child-friendly meet-ups, child-free socials and family events. What’s not to like? There’s also an online member’s directory where you can list your business, skills and services.


Ok, this one’s another that’s not specifically for parents but well worth checking out! Matthew Knight’s Leapers community was created to help freelancers feel less alone and support them with their mental health. As well as an active Slack community, you’ll lots of fantastic resources on the website including interviews with lots of freelance parents:

Experiences of a freelance parent: Ann Storr

Experiences of a freelance parent: Ross Wintle

Experiences of a freelance parent: Rhiannon James

Being Freelance

Being Freelance

Brought to you by DIFTK Podcast co-host Steve Folland, the Being Freelance community is one of the friendliest freelance places we know.

While not exclusively for parents, this Facebook group is full to the brim with people who know the self-employment story and are looking to share experiences, support one another and discuss biscuits — at length.

The Being Freelance community acts as an extension of the podcast where Steve interviews freelancers around the world about, well… being freelance.

Read more about the Being Freelance podcast.

Doing It For The Kids

Doing It For The Kids

And finally, let’s not forget the coolest kid on the freelance community block *cough* — our own Doing It For The Kids community!

What started in 2017 as a Facebook group aimed at bringing freelance parents together is now a thriving community on it’s own Zuckerberg-free platform.

Whether you just want to share Hey Duggee-related memes or need help with more serious questions about pricing, tax or childcare — we’re ready and waiting to welcome you with bags of solidarity (and borderline juveline humour).

We can’t wait to meet you. You are not alone!

Read Frankie’s story about how and why DIFTK started.

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