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Know a freelancer who’s having a baby? Or maybe you’ve got a friend who’s about to start a small business around their small people?

Well, forget the flowers, forgo the haemorrhoids cushions, and instead give them access to a warm, supportive community of people just. like. THEM.

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Like a bit of small print? Read our Gift Membership Terms of Sale.

Freelance parents networking at a DIFTK meetup

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Hang on — What is Doing It For The Kids?

Doing It For The Kids is a community by and for parents who work freelance — a safe corner of the internet to chat about the everyday practicalities of running a small business around small people.

Members can ask questions, get advice and support, hire and refer one another, share resources, share information, share LAUGHS.

Starting a family and/or starting a business can be a hugely isolating experience. DIFTK proves that you don’t have to do it alone!

Lots more information about the community and what’s inside can be found over here.

How do I buy a gift membership?

Good question!

Just choose the gift you’d like to buy (3 months or 6 months membership) and you’ll be taken through to the checkout to pay.

Please put in the recipient’s name, their email address, the ‘delivery date’* and any personal message you’d like to add.

*The ‘delivery date’ is the date that they’ll receive an email explaining that you’ve bought them a gift! Their actual membership won’t start until they choose to ‘activate’ it.

You can read our full Gift Membership Terms of Sale here.

How much does it cost?

Gift membership is the same price as normal membership — you’re just buying upfront, in bulk.

So a 3 month gift is £42 (the equivalent of £14/month for 3 months) and a 6 month gift is £84 (£14/month for 6 months).

You will only be charged once, there’ll be no ongoing subscription for you after you buy a gift.

If the person you’ve bought the gift for wants to stay in the community after their gift membership ends, they can add their own card details and choose whether they want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

Or they can do nothing and just let their gift membership lapse.

When will their membership start?

When you buy a gift, you’ll be asked for a ‘delivery date’ — i.e. the date you’d like them to get an email saying that you’ve bought them a gift.

However, their actual membership (3 months or 6 months) won’t start until they ‘activate’ their gift. So when they actually come into the community is up to them.

They have 12 months from the date they receive their gift to activate it. If they’re not able to start their membership within 12 months, please email us at for a chat.

Can I specify which date they’ll receive their gift (e.g. their birthday)?

Yes you can!

When you buy a gift, you’ll be asked for a ‘delivery date’ — i.e. the date you’d like them to get an email saying that you’ve bought them a gift.

What happens when their gift ends?

If they don’t want to stay in the community, they can just do nothing and let their gift membership lapse. No pushy sales emails, no limited time offers. No hard feelings!

If they decide they do want to stay, they can add their own card details a couple of weeks before their gift is due to end. They can also switch to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

If you’ve bought a gift for someone who is already in the community, then they will just revert to their existing membership once the gift ends. So if they were paying monthly, they will go back to doing that. If they were paying annually, they will go back to doing that.

Will they be able to access your discounted rate after their gift expires?


If they’re on parental leave, in their first year of business or just can’t afford to pay full price right now — there’s a lower, no-questions-asked rate of £6/month for 6 months.

Please ask them to email a couple of weeks before their gift is due to end and we can apply the discount code for them.

Can I buy a gift for someone who lives outside of the UK?

The DIFTK Community is very much geared towards UK freelancers.

That means information around tax, parental leave, childcare etc. will be specific to people living here. All meetups are also held in the UK.

If you want to buy a gift for someone who lives outside of the UK, please email and we can have a chat.

Digital tax rules make life a little complicated now *sigh* but depending on where they live and whether or not they are a registered business, they may still be able to join.

I live outside of the UK — can I buy a gift for someone else?

Short answer — maybe! Digital tax rules make life a little complicated now *sigh* but depending on where you live in the world, you may still be able to buy a membership for someone else. Please email and we can have a chat.

My friend doesn't have kids yet. Can I still buy them a gift?

We DIFTKers know that the impact of deciding to start a family begins long before you actually have kids in your life.

Perhaps your friend is hoping to adopt. Maybe they or their partner have just found out they’re expecting. Or maybe they’re a freelancer thinking about starting a family and looking for support and experience.

If you think access to a space full of freelance parents would be of use to them right now, I trust that decision.

My friend isn't exactly freelance... but they do run their own business around their kids. Can I buy them a gift?

While most of us work for clients in a time-for-money kind of a way, DIFTK is full of lots of other types of businesses too. In fact, there’s a dedicated space in the community where people can list the products they sell, for example.

Having said that, DIFTK is a non-selling space and is most definitely not for MLMs, any kind of pyramid selling or ‘six figure’ chat. There are plenty of other corners of the internet for that sort of thing but I’m afraid this isn’t one of them.

Read our Community Guidelines for more information.

Where are face-to-face meetups held?

There are two types of DIFTK meetups — ‘mini’ meetups organised by members and bigger, more ‘networky’ events organised by me.

‘Mini’ meetups happen all over the UK depending on who is keen to get together. We’ve already had ‘mini’ meetups in Stockport, Bath, Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Haslemere… with many more in the works.

In 2023, our bigger meetups (approx 100 people) will be in London and Manchester.

As a member of the community, your friend will be the first to hear about meetup plans as they come together and they’ll also get first dibs on tickets once they go on sale.

Can they bring their kids to meetups?

Hell yes! Babies and pre-schoolers are very much welcome.

All venues are buggy-friendly and talks are kept short and snappy.

If they’re happy to bring them, we’re happy to have them.

Was it really worth changing the colour of every single dropdown icon on these FAQs??

Fuck. Yes.

I have more questions. Can I email you?

Absolutely! Get in touch

“DIFTK is a lifeline. An honest, safe space unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

"Freelance parents — this podcast will change your life."

That's right, there's a DIFTK podcast and it's actually quite good. So good in fact, we won *GOLD* Best Business Podcast at the British Podcast Awards 2021.