DIFTKThe Podcast

Weekly #DIFTKpodcast hosted by Frankie Tortora and Steve Folland. Take note! We swear a bit.

Episode #01

When you have kids around and need to take a client call.

14th March 2019

Episode #02

Emotional soup! How to keep things clear when work and life all happens under one roof.

21st March 2019

Episode #03

When your “friend” wants some free business advice and asks to meet in person.

27th March 2019

Episode #04

How to eat something other than biscuits.

4th April 2019

Episode #05

When people seem to think your job is a “hobby”.

11th April 2019

Episode #06

How to find focus in a fragmented day.

18th April 2019

Episode #07

Trying to work when the kids are sick (again).

25th April 2019

Episode #08

What to do when you have nothing to do.

2nd May 2019

Episode #09

Staying visible over the summer holidays.

9th May 2019

Episode #10

How to grow your business when real life has other ideas.

16th May 2019

Episode #11

When your friends say they love your work but don’t actually buy it.

6th June 2019

Episode #12

When childcare help from your family isn’t actually much help.

13th June 2019

Episode #13

When you keep getting distracted by the competition.

20th June 2019

Episode #14

Tips for freelancers thinking about starting a family.

4th July 2019

Episode #15

Finding balance between paid work and unpaid business building.

11th July 2019

Episode #16

School newbies! Adjusting to working within school hours.

12th September 2019

Episode #17

When you try (and fail) to ‘have it all’.

19th September 2019

Episode #18

Taking maternity leave when you have retainer clients.

26th September 2019

Episode #19

Overwhelm! What to do when it all gets a bit much.

3rd October 2019

Episode #20

How to avoid procrastination.

10th October 2019

Episode #21

Coping with the ‘cult of busy’.

17th October 2019