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Photo of us by Sian Parker.

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DIFTKThe Podcast

The fortnightly podcast for freelance parents hosted by Frankie Tortora and Steve Folland.

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Latest episode.

Episode #01

When you have kids around and need to take a client call.

14th March 2019

Episode #02

Emotional soup! How to keep things clear when work and life all happens under one roof.

21st March 2019

Episode #03

When your “friend” wants some free business advice.

27th March 2019

Episode #04

How to eat something other than biscuits.

4th April 2019

Episode #05

When people seem to think your job is a “hobby”.

11th April March 2019

Episode #06

How to find focus in a fragmented day.

18th April 2019

Episode #07

Trying to work when the kids are sick (again).

25th April 2019

Episode #08

What to do when you have nothing to do.

2nd May 2019

Episode #09

Staying visible over the summer holidays.

9th May 2019

Episode #10

How to grow your business when real life has other ideas.

16th May 2019

Episode #11

When your friends say they love your work but don’t actually buy it.

6th June 2019

Episode #12

When childcare help from your family isn’t actually much help.

13th June 2019

Episode #13

When you keep getting distracted by the competition.

20th June 2019

Episode #14

Tips for freelancers thinking about starting a family.

4th July 2019

Episode #15

Finding balance between paid work and unpaid business building.

11th July 2019

Episode #16

School newbies! Adjusting to working within school hours.

12th September 2019

Episode #17

When you try (and fail) to ‘have it all’.

19th September 2019

Episode #18

Taking maternity leave when you have retainer clients.

26th September 2019

Episode #19

Overwhelm! What to do when it all gets a bit much.

3rd October 2019

Episode #20

How to avoid procrastination.

10th October 2019

Episode #21

Coping with the cult of busy.

17th October 2019

Episode #22

When it’s time to put your rates up.

7th November 2019

Episode #23

How to feel like you’re moving up, instead of just along.

14th November 2019

Episode #24

Freelance friction. When working evenings and weekends eats into ‘family time’.

21st November 2019

Episode #25

Saying NO. How to turn down work from ‘red flag’ clients.

28th November 2019

Episode #26

Burnout alert! How to stay sane at Christmas.

12th December 2019

Episode #27

How to explain your job to your kids.

19th December 2019

Episode #28

When updating your social media is just one thing too many.

9th January 2020

Episode #29

Juggling kids and a multi-hyphen career.

15th January 2020

Episode #30

When you keep ignoring your inbox.

23rd January 2020

Episode #31

Don’t panic! Going from one kid to two.

30th January 2020

Episode #32

Accident & Emergency! Making sure you have a financial safety net.

27th February 2020

Episode #33

Moving your business (and family) to a new place.

5th March 2020

Episode #34

Why we co-mentor each other and why you should do it too.

11th March 2020

Episode #35

School’s out for… erm, not sure.

19th March 2020

Episode #36

Work you can do from your phone.

27th March 2020

Episode #37

Life right now.

2nd April 2020

Episode #38

How to drum up work in a pandemic without being seen as ‘opportunistic’.

23rd April 2020

Episode #39

When you’ve just left your job to go freelance, in the middle of a global crisis.

30th April 2020

Episode #40

When you’ve only got 7 minutes a day to work.

7th May 2020

Episode #41

Chasing payments in a pandemic.

14th May 2020

Episode #42

When you’ve lost all motivation.

28th May 2020

Episode #43

How to line-up work when you don’t know when you might have childcare again.

11th June 2020

Episode #44

When it feels like being self-employed isn’t worth it anymore.

18th June 2020

Episode #45

Let’s talk social media.

25th June 2020

Episode #46

Making the leap into full-time freelancing.

9th July 2020

Episode #47

When your partner is negative about your business.

15th July 2020

Episode #48

How to celebrate your wins without sounding like a w*nker.

30th July 2020

Episode #49

Preparing for Lockdown 2.0.

22nd September 2020

Episode #50

When your partner starts working from home.

29th September 2020

Episode #51

How to move back into an employed role.

6th October 2020

Episode #52

Riding the freelance rollercoaster.

20th October 2020

Episode #53

How to deal with project creep.

3rd November 2020

Episode #54

Coping with Covid-related stress.

12th November 2020

Episode #55

When you have a classic case of ‘shiny object syndrome’.

19th November 2020

Episode #56

How to ‘get a life’ outside of work and kids.

26th November 2020

Episode #57

Stuff you do and don’t need when starting out as a freelancer.

3rd December 2020

Episode #58

Setting boundaries with your clients.

10th December 2020

Episode #59

Bye Bye 2020.

18th December 2020

Episode #60

Dealing with “icky” clients.

28th January 2021

Episode #61

Deciding how much work you can take on.

11th February 2021

Episode #62

When it feels like it’s time to scale up.

25th February 2021

Episode #63

When your clients are always late.

11th March 2021

Episode #64

Putting ourselves back together.

25th March 2021

Episode #65

When you’re not sure about a new opportunity.

22nd April 2021

Episode #66

Coping with professional ‘ghosting’.

6th May 2021

Episode #67

Finding your ‘thing’.

20th May 2021

Episode #68

Breaking up with a difficult client.

10th June 2021

Episode #69

Retainers: WTF.

24th June 2021

Episode #70

When your agency is just, er, you.

15th July 2021

Episode #71

When your creative business isn’t creative anymore.

16th September 2021

Episode #72

Planning your maternity leave as a freelancer.

30th September 2021

Episode #73

How to get over a (client) breakup.

21st October 2021

Episode #74

How promote yourself when speaking at an event.

11th November 2021

Episode #75

When you just can’t get any rest.

25th November 2021

Episode #76

Getting back out into the real world (or not).

6th December 2021

Episode #77

Choosing the ‘right’ name for your business.

27th January 2022

Episode #78

WTF to do when everything costs more.

17th March 2022

Episode #79

How to decide what your freelance business will be.

31st March 2022

Episode #80

Surviving the school holidays.

28th April 2022

Episode #81

When you’re full-time freelance and full-time employed at the same time.

12th May 2022

Episode #82

When you’re worried about offering ‘too many’ different services.

26th May 2022

Episode #83

Butt-saving clauses you need in your contract.

23rd June 2022

Episode #84

When you only ever get into the ‘zone’ just before pickup.

14th July 2022

Episode #85

When you work 9-3 but your clients work 9-5.

8th September 2022

Episode #86

How to get the most out of a coworking space.

22nd September 2022

Episode #87

How to market a ‘boring’ business.

6th October 2022

Episode #88

How to take time off at Christmas.

20th October 2022

Episode #89

Keeping in touch with old clients.

23rd November 2022

Episode #90

Awards: Yay or Nay.

8th December 2022

Episode #91

How to prioritise when everything is a priority.

12th January 2023

Episode #92

Approaching clients you don’t (yet!) have a relationship with.

26th January 2023

Episode #93

How to get your very first clients.

23rd February 2023

Episode #94

The best things to outsource.

16th March 2023

Episode #95

Making time for voluntary work (or not?).

11th May 2023

Episode #96

Build something new or stick with existing client work?.

25th May 2023

Episode #97

When you’ve got too much work to do.

8th June 2023

Episode #98

When your parenthood is used to reduce your rate.

22nd June 2023

Episode #99

When you feel like an imposter.

5th July 2023

Episode #100

We made it to 100 episodes.

21st September 2023