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The sole purpose of DIFTK is to provide a safe space for you to connect with other freelance parents.

The success of this community actually isn’t down to DIFTK at all — it’s your positivity, proactiveness and inclusivity that’ll make this a winner. Show eachother a bucketload of empathy and respect, and we’ll be just fine!

If you see any content or behaviour that goes against these rules or is significantly out of step with the ethos of this community, please DM Frankie Tortora or report the content. Thank you 🙏

Anyone who continues to go against these guidelines or posts any form of harassment or abuse will be removed.
Cool? Cool.




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Be supportive

We’re a high energy, switched-on, slightly silly bunch offering mutual support, advice and a plethora of strong Ryan Gosling gifs. DIFTKers lift each other UP, not tear each other down.


Be mindful

This is a community for all parents, whatever their journey to parenthood and whatever their family setup. Please be mindful of the fact that not everyone is parenting with a partner or have come to parenthood through birthing etc.


Be transparent

This community works because people are honest with each other — please don’t go posting shady shit. If you’re recommending someone because they’re a friend, say so. If your post is for market research, say so.


Scroll on

Not every post is for every person. If you see something that goes against these Community Guidelines please contact an admin, but if you see a difference of opinion or content that isn’t for you, please just keep scrolling. DIFTK has been (relatively) ‘drama free’ since 2016, help us keep it that way.


Give and take

Absolutely ask for help — that’s why the community exists! — but please also give back when you can. The success of this space relies on members giving to each other as much they take (if not more!)


No sleazy sales

Yes, we all have a business to run but if your sole intention is to promote yourself then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Be nice, be useful and people will inevitably look you up in the member directory if they want to find out more about you and what you do.


No MLMs. No pyramid selling. No ‘six figure’ chat.

There are plenty of other corners of the internet for that sort of thing. #sorrynotsorry but this is not one of them.


No referral schemes / BNI

DIFTK is not for you if you part of an organised referral scheme like the BNI and intend to use this space purely as a means to shout about each other.


No uninvited DMs

When you setup your profile, you can say whether or not you’re happy to receive DMs. But, even if a DIFTKer has said they’re OK with it, try to check in with them before attempting to message. Anyone spamming or found to be selling via members’ inboxes will be shown the virtual door.


Privacy please

The absolute, number. one. thing that makes DIFTK a success is mutual trust. We all want to feel we can be open and honest with each other. With this in mind — what’s shared in DIFTK, stays in DIFTK.


Be responsible

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re not sharing anything in the community that could put you or your family in a vulnerable position. As much as we all want to assume the best about each other, there are just no guarantees on the internet. Please be careful about the details you share in the community. And as much as we all would love to see those cute pics of your kid, let’s stick to gifs and selfies instead and try not post any pictures, videos or other identifying images of our children.

We’re not on Facebook anymore

On Circle, posts and comments go live as soon as you post them — they do not have to be pre-approved by an admin. This means we may ask you to edit or delete your post if it falls outside of these guidelines. If you’re not sure about whether or not a post is appropriate, please DM Frankie Tortora first.


Please be patient

Whilst we keep a close eye on posts and comments, things can move very quickly in DIFTK land and we cannot guarantee 24/7 moderation (we’re actual humans, no robots here!) — sometimes there will be a delay between content being posted and an admin having a chance to see it. DIFTK admins won’t actively be in the community at weekends, so please be patient.