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You know the drill. Freelance family life is chaotic and exhausting… finding the time to watch one dance on this week’s Strictly feels like a never-ending puzzle, let alone consuming a blog post or watching a video longer than 15 seconds.

Cue: firing up a podcast.

Comforting, entertaining and a pretty damn useful learning resource too, podcasts are a great way to connect, learn and grow. Anything that makes the freelance juggle feel more manageable AND soothes the soul at the same time has to be a big win, right?

So, here are seven podcasts for freelancing parents that will do just the job:

Mother of All Solutions

Laura Broderick

If you get your inspiration from hearing about phenomenal women do phenomenal things, all while navigating the ups and downs of motherhood, then this is a must-listen. In each episode, Laura chats with a different mum about how they’ve managed to carve out ‘success’ — whatever that might look like — and the amazing things they are doing for themselves and their families.

Recommended episodes:

MOAS Moments — for a round-up of recent episodes.

The Dads — for a listen on fatherhood.

The Graphic Designer — if you want to hear DIFTK founder Frankie’s story.

Freelance Mum

Faye Dicker

Faye runs a fantastic community for freelance mums in and around the south west of the UK. In each episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, she chats with brilliant business experts who also happen to be mothers! With advice on everything from goal setting to money management — you’ll learn a tonne with each listen. This freelance mum has got it covered.

Recommended episodes:

How To Confidently Charge More For Your Products and Services — does what it says on the tin! A useful listen for every freelancer.

Survival Skills for Freelancers — how to manage self-employment without falling into burnout.

Mixing Babies & Business

Amy Maureen Lynch Self-described as ‘where parenthood meets professional development’ this podcast is for parents like us who crave a serious professional life but refuse to hide their parenthood away. Kids are in the mix, and that’s not going to stop us! Hosted by Amy Lynch it covers all things business and remote work around kids. A really inspiring listen if you consider yourself an advocate of flexible working. Recommended episodes: Building a business as a primary caregiver, remote school life and creativity as a form of activism with Kevin Bourne — very interesting if you’ve ever thought you couldn’t make a living while being a primary caregiver.

Creative Playdate

Michelle Kondrich For all the creatives in the house — pop this one on the top of your playlist! Michelle Kondrich dedicates Creative Playdate to exploring the stories of fellow creatives navigating life as a maker and a parent and what that means for both work and family. You’ll find episodes from a mix of people from illustrators and book designers, to podcasters and artists. Recommended episodes: Cultivating Creative Communities with Andrea Pippins — very interesting for anyone who’s hoping to build a community with their work.

Business, Babies and Bossing It

Jess Morgan & Cass Bodington

Join Jess and Cass as they build strong businesses while raising strong kids. Full of personality and with the sort of relatable oversharing we DIFTKers love, this fun podcast also covers really important topics like how to deal with online trolls and how to manage judgment from others.

Recommended episodes:

How to map out your dreams and goals (even the seemingly impossible ones) — great for when you need some clarity.

Beating the trolls by focussing on purpose — a must-hear if you’ve experienced the negative side of social media.

Being Freelance

Steve Folland Not biased at all *cough* but we’d say this is one of the best freelance podcasts out there — parents or otherwise! Hosted by DIFTK co-host Steve Folland, this show is absolutely packed with freelance survival gems. In each episode, Steve interviews fellow freelancers about their experiences in self-employment across a huge variety of different industries and with over 17 seasons of the show, there’s something relatable for everyone. Recommended episodes featuring freelance parents: Photographer Tianna J Williams Digital Marketer Claire Gallagher Kids’ App Designer Chris O’Shea

Doing It For The Kids

Frankie Tortora & Steve Folland And we obviously have to mention our very own (multi-award winning!!) Doing It For The Kids Podcast where we chat about real-life dilemmas from freelance parents trying to make work ‘work’ around their little ones. Expect some fairly decent business advice alongside a large dose of silliness. Because freelancing around kids is HARD and we all need a good laugh once in a while, no? Recommended episodes: When you only ever get into the zone just before pickup. When you work 9-3 but your clients work 9-5. When you just can’t get any rest.

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