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There’s an abundance of information and resources out there for parents and similarly, for freelancers — but what about those of us juggling both freelance life and parenting combined?

Well, in this new string to the Doing It For The Kids bow, I’m putting together a series of downloadable resources specifically designed to help and support us freelance and self-employed parents.

From child-friendly coworking spaces (available to download now) to must-have apps, finance fun and activity ideas for the kids… I’ve got you covered.

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DIFTK Presents: Child-Friendly Coworking Spaces 

Your guide to all of the coworking spaces with on-site childcare.

Working from home as a freelance parent has it’s perks but oh my word, does it also have its challenges! Thankfully there are a whole bunch of amazing people out there on a mission to change how and where we work; setting up coworking spaces and pop ups with flexible, on-site childcare to boot.

From a house in Walthamstow, to a cafe in Truro — in this first of the DIFTK Presents series, I aim to highlight all of the child-friendly coworking options out there for you to use as of June 2018.

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