Doing It For The Kids is for freelance parents trying to make flexible working work. For the brave (and maybe a little bit crazy) people out there tackling the unpredictability of freelance life and parenthood combined.

Doing It For The Kids is about support and reassurance; a place full of stories from other parents coping with the exact same anxieties and practical challenges that come with working for yourself;

It’s about cross-promotion and collaboration, not competition;

It’s about motivating and inspiring one another to growadapt or expand our businesses;

It’s a place to vent;

A place to share skills and advice.

In the first instance, Doing It For The Kids is a blog / digital magazine / slice-of-the-internet-dedicated-to-words. A platform for lots of different voices to share their stories, experiences and advice as both freelancers and as parents.

There are lots of other plans in the pipeline for this project but as I’m freelance and a mum*, I have no spare cash and no spare time (I know, the irony is strong). In reality, it’s taken me nearly two years to even get to this point and I mean that in the most basic of senses — Some words. Images. Successfully uploaded on to the internet in the right order. So it’s very early days still. Please bear with me.

I could ramble on all day about why I decided to launch this thing, or you could read this post which should vaguely do the job.

*The person driving this crazy train? Frankie. I’m a marmite lover. Bobble-hat-wearer. Graphic designer by day, and night, and nap times, and whenever I can get my 18-month old son to play with that lurid plastic castle toy thing for longer than 5 minutes.